We carry out topographical surveys utilizing the most up to date methods based on the system of a fixed point with coordinates according to (EGSA '87).

The modern environment demands that every last square meter has to be accounted for and taxed and every homeowner is obliged to put together a complete, detailed and comprehensive topographical map for every home and piece of real-estate that they own. It is to be used in all situations such as property sale, illegal building legalization, building permits and land registry. It is only in this way that the full value of the property can used to it’s maximum potential.


What is a Topographical Map?

A Topographical map or survey, as it is usually called, is not just a simple sketch which accompanies a government document or a contract.

It is, instead, a complete study of the area which notes down the total size, dimensions and any buildings that may be found there.

It also determines whether the plot is open to construction and the size of the construction and type of development that can be carried out there and localizes it with the government coordinates ( EGNA 87).

A topographical map includes:

  • The size of the land ( including adjacent plots).
  • The length of the sides.
  • Any buildings that are on it.
  • The roads upon which it is and their width
  • The type of road.
  • Engineers confirmation and guarantee according to laws № 4178 / 13, № 1337 / 83, № 651 / 77.
  • Forestry confirmation when the plot is agricultural and in areas outside of city planning.

Other services that can be covered by a topographical map.

  • Pre-approval of construction ( in areas which are in approved city plan zones, characterized as 2nd adjacent home, where the city plan has not yet been enforced)
  • Correctional city zoning plan is an adjustment made to the city zoning plan which corrects errors that have been made.
  • Approval from the forestry department that the plot is not on official forest zoned territory.
  • Appeals to the city zoning and planning department.

When is it required?

  1. Contracts
  2. Building Permits
  3. Legalization of illegal buildings
  4. Forestry department statemtns
  5. Implementing acts and corrective implementing act
  6. City Zoning and Planning of city zoning
  7. Permits for solar and wind power installations
  8. Definition of beach and coastal zones



The most powerful and compact GNSS receiver, the Leica GS14 comes with integrated UHF modem and mobile communication for all measuring tasks. The Leica GS14 is easy to use and with leading GNSS Real Time Kinematic it meets the maximum standards for measuring technology.

LEICA DISTO D510 Distance Meter

Exact internal impressions with a handy, versatile tool! This small and easy-to-use laser distance meter incorporates technologies that allow it to accurately measure and have a polymorphic support for greater flexibility in "difficult" points such as angular measurements.


Topography at the next level.. AEROSURVEY

Aerosurveys are carried out using drones, which utilize a gyroscopic gimbal mounted camera.

The flight can be controlled either by a pilot or be automated using a computer system.

All images are in High Definition at 36Mp and videos are in 4K.



  • Technical Studies
  • Architectural Studies regarding refurbishment of older and traditional buildings.
  • Surveying of hard to reach areas such as open mines, cliffs and areas covered in water.
  • Inspection of tall constructions such as high voltage towers and wind generator blades
  • Presentations of real estate such as hotel units
  • Presentation of touristic areas.



  • Immediate deployment.
  • Reduced cost
  • Imaging can be carried out at low altitudes and speed.
  • Steady imaging and clairity
  • Flights in areas not accessible to manned flights
  • Image editing and album production, according to the needs of the client
  • Our equipment is being constantly upgraded to ensure maximum quality
  • All flights are carried out under maximum safety rules and regulations.