Rethymno Home Designs guarantees that all work will be carried out with quality materials , emphasizing the triptych of quality – time- cost.

Our company aims to cover each individual need of our clients within a broad range of construction.

Oversight of Construction

The challenge we face in the oversight of all construction is to guarantee that the construction will be carried out and delivered , taking into consideration the specific needs and limitations of each project. A construction project is made up of a total of activities which aims at the final goal of the finished product.

We ensure:

  • Physical presence at the construction site
  • Ensuring that the project is on budget
  • Ensuring that all health and safety regulations are met
  • Informing and updating the client.

Construction follows the following stages:


Excavations are carried out to the appropriate depths, according to the needs of the building and taking into consideration the requirements for foundations, and the quality of the ground.


The foundation is the primary part of construction and is the primary load bearing agent in any construction. Once the foundation is down, horizontal and vertical construction elements can be added. The process starts with the placement of iron re-enforcements utilizing S500.


Once the iron re-enforced foundations are in place, brickwork is laid down. The thickness of the brickwork is dependent on its location within the building ( internal or external). The materials used are of the highest quality, ensuring excellent load-bearing qualities from the best Greek manufacturers.


In parallel to conventional brickwork we also construct plaster walls utilizing a metal frame. These are especially efficient in the internal compartmentalization of the building and have excellent fire proofing, soundproofing and mechanical load bearing qualities. In cases where it is demanded we also utilize conventional brickwork.


Once brickwork and internal compartmentalization has been completed, insulation is placed on the exterior of the building. This ensures maximum efficiency and insulation from all elements including waterproofing and soundproofing. The primary material used is inflated polystyrene from well known and recognized companies ( Fibran, Dow). The thickness is determined on a case-by-case basis, and is dependent on the energy losses of each individual building.

The Heat Insulation of a building is carried out by placing insulation plates on all vertical surfaces and walls. Each building has a different set of parameters which have to be taken into consideration. The installation of heat insulation is the most effective step in the insulation of a building and ensures a return on both money and energy. It must be noted that the thermal losses of a building from the walls can reach up to 40%.


External wall insulation in a building is made by placing thermal insulation plates on the outside of its vertical walls. Each building has different parameters that need to be taken into account for the application of a successful thermal face, such as its existing thermal insulation, the building blocks and the local climate of the area. The installation of external wall insulation in a building is the best option that will save money and energy. In particular, external thermal insulation is the most effective choice of building insulation. This is because we place heat insulation on the outside of the walls and the building shell is protected from the weather (cold and hot). At this point, it should be noted that the thermal losses from the walls reach 40%.


Electrical and hydraulic installations ensure that the building is fully powered and linked up to the mains both for electricity and water, as well as ensuring efficient removal of wastes. All installations are carried out using the highest quality materials to ensure durability of long time periods.


Surfacing on a construction which does not have external, thermal insulation offers both protection from the elements and aesthetic design and appeal. They can also be adapted according to taste to be smooth or rough according to the needs and desires of the client.


Moving onto the decorative component of the building, a variety of flooring options are available covering a wide range of materials, including ceramic tiles- marble or wood. In order to achieve the desired effect and characteristics the floor is leveled to ensure good drainage ( in areas such as balconies and verandas) and then the desired material is installed.


In order to complete the exterior and interior of the house high quality windows or doors are placed in all the openings. The selections range from Aluminium to Wood and PVC. All are placed according to the energy study that has been carried out on the building to ensure maximum energy efficiency and heat transfer.


Painting is one of the final stages of construction. It is chosen to be aesthetically pleasing and in harmony with the surrounding environment.


In order to mark out the boundary of the property, and also to balance out any height differences, stone walls can be constructed where necessary.


Landscaping and garden architecture can be used to form green areas around the property, and in the outdoor seating area ( seating areas can be constructed), in parallel to this paths can be formed resulting in an even and beautiful area which operates in harmony with the house.


Our company, in cooperation with Masterpool & Spa offers the most modern and exciting ideas regarding pool construction and maintenance. Taking into consideration all the hygienic and health precautions required for such a project, we can lead from the design phase, until the delivery, and repair taking into account any future maintenance.
Working with Masterpool & Spa we can offer a truly unique result for your pool.
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