Topographic surveys/studies

Topographic surveys/studies

We carry out topographical surveys utilizing the most up to date methods based on the system of a fixed point with coordinates according to (EGSA '87).

The modern environment demands that every last square meter has to be accounted for and taxed and every homeowner is obliged to put together a

Building Permits

Building Permits

Our experienced staff composed of architects and engineers is on hand to assist you in the application process of all Building Permits, in line with the current law.

Our firm handles the issuance of all building permit types and approvals required by the new regulations (Law 4067/12)



Rethymno Home Designs guarantees that all work will be carried out with quality materials , emphasizing the triptych of quality – time- cost.

Our company aims to cover each individual need of our clients within a broad range of construction.

Maintenance and Refurbishment of buildings

Maintenance and Refurbishment of buildings

We transform constructions, both old and new, to create unforgettable and timeless architecture!

The stages of a successful refurbishment and reconstruction are as follows:


You can trust the Rethymno Home Design team to carry out all legalizations regarding any irregularities that you may have with your real estate.

We are experts on all the legal requirements and produce highly accurate studies so that any irregularities that you may have in your buildings are


Upgrade the energy efficiency of your building!

As officially registered energy inspectors ( Certification Number: 15340), we can certify any building for it's energy efficiency and, in parallel


 If you wish to utilize a home or other type of real estate as a business focusing on tourism a Greek Board of Tourism permit is essential.

Adding to your income, either to cover the initial cost of the real-estate or simply to allow the building to turn a profit is a very viable option

Real Estate

Life decisions and work decisions. Some decisions decide our future..

The perfect home for your new business, the new roof over your family: A sound investment in real estate demands a strong understanding, knowledge