Initially, this program is pretty much known. However, it is worthwhile briefly mentioning some important differences from the first "Home Economics" program or simply saving as it was stated to be mentioned. This program, which is co-funded with ESPA and under the responsibility of ETEAN. (National Entrepreneurship & Development Fund) provides a significant amount of subsidy to support energy upgrading interventions that aim at using renewable energy, improving energy efficiency and saving energy. The main differences of this second program from the first one are summarized in the grant rates, the eligible budget and the income criteria ranges.

More specifically, from what we know the differences will be:

  • The subsidy rate for energy upgrading works will be up to 70%.
  • The eligible work budget will be higher and will cover work up to € 25,000 per house (previous 15,000 €).
  • The subsidy income scales will be six instead of the three that were in the previous one.
  • Finally, it is possible to recruit an energy consultant who undertakes the entire process of the procedure and any expense for his remuneration is covered by the grant of the program.

Also, a significant difference from the new program is that bank borrowing is not mandatory and the participant can also participate in equity and in combination with the subsidy to supplement the energy upgrading costs of the building or apartment.

The process for the applicant's membership also changes. The application will now be made electronically and the energy consultant, who will be responsible for informing the person concerned, will be able to monitor the course electronically through a dedicated platform in which the supporting documents will be posted in the first phase.

Which works are part of the program

However, the most important part of the program that is worth mentioning is what works will be subsidized. Work-energy upgrade interventions therefore concern:

  • Installation and application of external thermal insulation and roof insulation. This includes all interventions involving work on external thermal insulation and insulation of buildings. Still, it includes insulation work for terraces and plumbing of apartment buildings.
  • Replacement of frames. These work concern the fitting of new frames, including outbuildings, shutters and glazing systems.
  • Installation of shading systems
  • Upgrading of the heating and hot water supply system (eg boiler and solar water heater, heat pumps etc)


Helpful questions and answers about the new program:


1. I am eligible to join the program, but I do not know the rate of subsidy for the work. How can I calculate it?

In any case, the total budget for which you can receive a grant is up to € 25,000 including VAT. You can see the grant rates for all income scales and the respective percentages here.

 2. How can I issue an Energy Efficiency Certificate and who should I contact?

The Energy Efficiency Certificate is essentially the imprinting of the energy consumption of a building or an apartment and is issued by energy inspectors. You can also work with this energy auditor for the entire project and help you throughout the work and the interventions.

 3. What does the Energy Performance Certificate do?

The Energy Efficiency Certificate reflects the energy class of a building that in turn places it in one of the nine energy efficiency classes of buildings. This program subsidizes the upgrading of buildings or building units (flats, flats, etc.) of domestic use only that belong to the 2nd energy class in combination with the respective income. Also, anyone with the issue of the second energy performance certificate after the energy upgrading works) to determine the results of the works.

 4. What does it take to get into the program to save residents II?

The program may include all kinds of buildings and residential buildings (compartments) of household but only use and with up-to-date data must meet the following requirements:

To meet the income restriction criteria detailed in the table, see here.

The budget for the energy upgrading and energy saving costs should not exceed 250 € / m² with a maximum budget amount of € 25,000

 5. Can I join the program without getting a loan?

YES, you can as well